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Unique Items & Home Decor
Unique Items & Home Decor

Exclusive to El Paso Saddleblanket, our authentic Southwest accents are truly one-of-a-kind.
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Metal Wall Signs & Sculptures
Cast Aluminum Figurines & Accessories
Cowhide Mirror
Cowhide Mirror SKU: CowhideMirror Price: $525.00
Armadillo Sheriff Metal Sculpture
Armadillo Sheriff Metal Sculpture SKU: ArmadilloSheriff Price: $46.00
Metal armadillo sculpture
Buffalo Head SKU: BuffaloHead Price: $1,200.00
Mounted buffalo head
Buffalo Metal Sculpture
Buffalo Metal Sculpture SKU: Buffalo Price: $31.00
Colorful metal buffalo sculpture
Bull Dog Metal Sculpture
Bull Dog Metal Sculpture SKU: BullDog Price: $32.00
Rustic metal bulldog sculpture
Colorful Armadillo Sheriff Metal Sculpture
Colorful Armadillo Sheriff Metal Sculpture SKU: ColorfulArmadilloSheriff Price: $46.00
Colorful metal armadillo sculpture
Colorful Boot Metal Sculpture
Colorful Boot Metal Sculpture SKU: ColorfulBoot Price: $31.00
Colorful metal cowboy boot sculpture
Colorful Donkey Metal Sculpture
Colorful Donkey Metal Sculpture SKU: ColorfulDonkey Price: $32.00
Colorful metal donkey sculpture
Colorful Horned Toad Metal Sculpture
Colorful Horned Toad Metal Sculpture SKU: ColorfulHornedToad Price: $24.00
Colorful metal horned toad sculpture
Colorful Pig with Wings Metal Sculpture
Colorful Pig with Wings Metal Sculpture SKU: ColorfulPigWithWings Price: $34.00
Colorful metal flying pig sculpture
Colorful Road Runner Metal Sculpture
Colorful Road Runner Metal Sculpture SKU: ColorfulRoadRunner Price: $32.00
Colorful metal road runner sculpture
Colorful Roaster Metal Sculpture
Colorful Roaster Metal Sculpture SKU: ColorfulRoaster Price: $34.00
Colorful metal rooster sculpture
Flying Elephant Metal Sculpture
Flying Elephant Metal Sculpture SKU: FlyingElephant Price: $34.00
Colorful metal flying elephant sculpture
Frog Metal Sculpture
Frog Metal Sculpture SKU: Frog Price: $32.00
Rustic metal frog sculpture
Horned Toad Metal Sculpture
Horned Toad Metal Sculpture SKU: HornedToad2 Price: $32.00
Metal horned toad sculpture
Large Horned Toad Metal Sculpture
Large Horned Toad Metal Sculpture SKU: HornedToad Price: $56.00
Metal horned toad sculpture with head up
Longhorn Metal Sculpture
Longhorn Metal Sculpture SKU: Longhorn Price: $32.00
Colorful metal longhorn sculpture
Razorback Metal Sculpture
Razorback Metal Sculpture SKU: Razorback Price: $31.00
Metal razorback sculpture
Road Runner Metal Sculpture
Road Runner Metal Sculpture SKU: RoadRunner Price: $32.00
Rustic metal road runner sculpture
Small Horned Toad Metal Sculpture
Small Horned Toad Metal Sculpture SKU: SmallHornedToad Price: $24.00
Small metal horned toad sculpture
Tooled Leather Saddle Stand
Tooled Leather Saddle Stand SKU: tooledleathersaddlestand Price: $900.00
Pine saddle stand with tooled leather accents
Vintage Saddles SKU: VintageSaddles Price: $150.00
Authentic vintage saddles
Western Motorcycle SKU: MotorCycle Price: $1,500.00
Decorative motorcycle with cow horns, Brazilian cowhide, and saddle
Wiener Dog Metal Sculpture
Wiener Dog Metal Sculpture SKU: WienerDog Price: $55.00
Rustic metal weiner dog sculpture

Make it your own with our collection of unique items and home décor. Complete your authentic Western décor with our cowboy antiques, cowboy collectibles, and antique saddles.

Hand painted and crafted by local artists, Saddleblanket Home Collection genuine cow skulls, Mexican painted skulls, Longhorn skulls, and Cow skulls in hides are beautiful statement pieces for any Southwest décor.

Our copper sinks, hammered copper sinks, Talavera sinks, Talavera vessel sinks, Mexican sinks, vessel sinks, metal sinks, and decorative sinks are the centerpiece of any bathroom or wet bar.

El Paso Saddleblanket caters to all aspects of the Western lifestyle. Our Western caskets, cowboy caskets, cowgirl caskets, and Native American style caskets are a timeless tribute to Cowboys, Cowgirls, Native Americans, Cattle Kings, Oil Barons, and Pioneers of the West.

Saddleblanket Home Collection pieces are hand crafted by our artisans from the finest materials to create premium Southwest, Western, Santa Fe and adobe style furniture that will last for years to come. View selections from our Unique Items & Home Décor collection by clicking Cowboy Antiques, Hand Painted Skulls, Copper Sinks, Talavera Collection, Armed Forces Metal Signs, Metal Wall Signs, Cast Aluminum Figurines & Accessories, and Last Rodeo Caskets.